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PLUG -All CDB Topical

Hemp products have a long history of being used for hair, skin, and muscle aches. We love the invention of hemp bombs (bath bombs that contain hemp) and sell them on our own site here. CBD is also absorbed through the skin's barriers, so rubbing it on sore muscles or soaking in a bath with it alleviates pain and stress. We give CBD hemp bombs props for delivery and also carry Rise Bath Bombs with 100 mg of CBD. If someone is uncertain about whether CBD is the right product for them, then at Have a Nice Day CBD, we highly recommend products that apply to the skin vs. those that must be ingested. 

We also recommend CBDfx, a CBD topical balm, which is a balm designed for sensitive skin and packed with shea butter. This product contains Avocado, Lavender, and tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is known to cleanse out pores since it has anti-biotic and anti-fungal properties, based on findings by Health Line. The other ingredients, such as lavender and the German camomile it also includes, are known for their soothing scents and texture. In general, the oils and butter will nourish dry skin. 

There's also a menthol, camphor, and CBD blend that we distribute, ShiKai, which is a triple threat against pain. Many people use menthol to soothe their aches and pains already in athletics, so mixing in CBD naturally grew from that. ShiKai also offers an unscented choice for people uninterested in any type of fragrance. Lastly, in terms of the first aid types of products that we source, we suggest our muscle rub line

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