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Free Shipping on All Orders. 24/7

Corvash Farms

Corvash Farms is one of the leading full-spectrum CBD producers on the market today. Corvash products begin their journey in the Corvallis, Ashland, and Willamette Valley regions of Oregon, land known for producing some of the best hemp in the country. Using 100% traceable farming practices, Corvash uses only natural organic fertilizer with no synthetic pesticides to create products that are the highest quality available. The brand also ensures quality control by overseeing the entire process from seed to sale. With transparent, third-party test results, you always know what you’re getting. Choose from a variety of products, including 1,500mg CBD tincture and 600mg CBD oral spray. Whether you’re a CBD expert or just getting started, you’ll love the quality and dependability that Corvash Farms has to offer. 

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