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cbdMD stresses its health and wellness aspects in every product they make. Their specific manufacturing process maintains all the medicinal properties of the hemp plant while eliminating all detectable THC using valid scientific analytical means. They employ quantifiable and continual levels of terpenes and cannabinoids blended on a molecular structure that allows an efficient work relationship between them and reinforces the healthy benefits of CBD uniquely. There is no intoxication, or high, with cbdMD.

A wealth of athletes, sports stars, and health and wellness celebrities have aligned with cbdMD and helped to make their proprietary process and standardized superior broad-spectrum CBD synonymous with high-achieving physical activity and maximum goal reaching capabilities in a wholesome way. 

They offer all manner of CBD-related products including bath and spa, vitamins and capsules, topicals, gummies, sleep aides, and pet care products.  All products are manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices and NSF labs, as well as third-party testing for quality. 
High profile clients, well-known social media influencers, and responsive customers allow cbd MD to offer lucrative wholesale opportunities. With a price point lower than many other brands combined with a healthy business persona it is an attractive option for many distributors and retailers. 

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