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CBD Tinctures

  Now, when it comes to CBD, tinctures and oils are great for treating chronic, neurological aches, and general uncomfortable pain and discomfort. Harvard's scientists have recognized that CBD inhibits inflammatory pain, which means it treats ailments like arthritis. Clients can buy CBD to treat pain — without a THC additive and experience none of the psychological effects of recreational marijuana — from an oil.

If you're looking for a CBD tincture, similar in concentration and texture to an oil, then try the Be Well Dexter variety. It is considered a Full Spectrum Peppermint, ranging from 500 mg to 1,000 mg in the bottle size with 33.3 mg CBD oil. This oil contains a delicious peppermint taste and all products contain less than 0.3% THC. This means that this blend can be seamlessly put into smoothies, cookies, or any other concentrate without any psychological effect, and simply anything requiring peppermint oil. In terms of treating pain, we point you towards Be Well Dexter, which also comes in a cinnamon variation, both tinctures are easily blended into other ingredients and taken for pain without what one would picture as a jarring, THC-related psychoactive. 

Another CBD tincture (and with a special blend for vape juice) worth mentioning is Air Factory CBD, which comes in great packaging and flavors. Unlike the specific, vape variety, this one is a discrete tincture that we have for people for aren't interested in vaping, smoking marijuana, or other overt ways of consuming CBD. For instance, this tincture comes in a melon lush variety and is a subtle, juicy tinge for beverages and pure consumption. As we mention, Air Factory comes "boasting an appropriately luscious and tropical piquancy that makes you forget you're taking tinctures in the first place." This product is ideal for people who want the seamless integration of CBD into their day.  The special blend for vape juice is Berry Rush, a delicious and fun juice for your vape from the same makers. 

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