Switch CBD - CBD Vape - Pineapple Breeze - 180mg-360mg

CBD Milligrams: 180mg
Sale price$11.96


Who doesn’t love the taste of pineapple? Unless you’re allergic, practically nobody. Switch CBD knows how much you dig the groovy island taste of fresh pineapple, and with that in mind, they’ve added a new botanical blend to their super-sweet new CBD vape product. The recipe? Let’s just say it involves a little orange mandarin, a conservative touch of mango, just a little dash of orange dreamsicle, and yes, a whole lot of pineapple... all of it followed by that smooth, unmistakable citrus finish. One puff from your vape or e-cigarette device of choice and there’s no way you’ll go back to boring, unflavored vape juice ever again. Give it a spin! Contains zero traces of THC or any psychoactive ingredients. Available in two strength-based sizes (180mg and 360mg).

Lab Reports

360mg Lab Report
180mg Lab Report

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