Sanar - CBD Vape Juice - Blueberry Cotton Candy - 100mg-1000mg

CBD Milligrams: 100mg
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Cotton candy is one of our favorite childhood indulgences; it’s the type of once-in-a-while treat that elicits fond memories of crowded fairgrounds, high-energy ball games and days off from school. Who says you have to be a kid to enjoy cotton candy? Certainly not Sanar, whose Blueberry Cotton Candy-flavored CBD Vape Juice will restore a sense of sweet nostalgia to your cannabidiol vaping routine. The flavors of cotton candy and blueberry in this vape juice have been delicately and deliberately mixed alongside almost 100% pure cannabidiol isolate and hemp-derived, THC-free CBD crystalline. It shares several similarities with a standard e-juice or vape fluid, although we do not recommend mixing it with other blends due to its indelible and slightly intense taste. After all, wouldn’t you want to enjoy this blueberry cotton candy goodness on its own? Available in four separate sizes (100mg – 1000mg).

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