Reef - CBD Vape Juice - Mavericks - 250mg-1000mg

CBD Milligrams: 250 MG
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It makes perfect sense we chose to name our Fuji Apple vape flavored CBD oil Mavericks. It was the only fruit we could come up with that we felt mirrored the arch of the sets that come in on that beach for the annual cold water classic! Sweet and tart, this e-liquid flavor is as big and surprisingly full as a Mavericks set on a perfect day.

Full Description

Mavericks by Reef CBD Vape Juice brings the crisp and clean flavor of an autumn apple orchard to you in e-liquid form. This bottle of CBD vape juice features crisp and sweet Fuji apples, bursting with fresh fall flavor. Sink your teeth into a ripe and juicy apple, savoring the way the juice runs down your chin. This fresh and flavorful apple vape juice tastes as good as the real thing, attacking your vape taste buds with refreshing apple flavor that will have you feeling like your lost in a country orchard. But it’s more than just your average apple vape juice...this bottle also gets infused with a hearty helping of cannabidiol, perfect for those who love to see those wonderfully puffy clouds.

Cannabidiols work to alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, and much more. Instead of just looking impressive, now you can put those clouds to good use! See how CBD can make a difference in your life with just a single puff. Revel in the smooth and clean flavor of freshly picked Fuji apples, infused with the calming goodness of CBD in every cloud, compliments of Mavericks by Reef CBD Vape Juice!

Ingredients: Proprietary blend Broad spectrum hemp extract oil, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and natural and/or artificial flavorings.

Suggested Use: Wattage from 20-40 watts, can be used in any vape device.

Lab Reports

Mavericks - CBD Vape by Reef 1000mg Lab Report
Mavericks - CBD Vape by Reef 500mg Lab Report
Mavericks - CBD Vape by Reef 250mg Lab Report

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