Reef - CBD Edible - Tropical Sour Gummies - 25mg

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Tropical Gummies Sour brings a party to the islands that your taste buds have been waiting for! Enjoy the sugary sweet flavor of smooth Meyer lemons and juicy oranges, but with a delightful sour twist at the end! Grab your sunglasses and flip flops, because your taste buds are in for a wild ride! Wander along beautiful white beaches to a lush orange grove, where smooth and fragrant citrus globes are waiting to be plucked! These juicy oranges are fat and full of delicious orange juice, perfect to refresh your taste buds. Meyer lemons are located in the grove next door, offering the perfect tartness to balance out the sweetness of the oranges!

But instead of settling for just pure fruit sweetness, take a bold and daring twist of sourness! Sprinkle some potently sour sugar onto the citrus wedges and sink your teeth into the best of both the sweet and sour world! Aside from being wildly delicious and satisfying, these soft chews offer a practical use as well. Each gummy has been infused with broad spectrum cannabidiols, allowing multiple people to reap the benefits of CBD. CBD offers a multitude of benefits, including relief from PTSD, daily stress, depression, anxiety, muscle soreness, and so much more. Take a leap of faith into the delicious sweet and sour world of these tropical flavored soft chews, and see how CBD can make a difference in your life today!

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