Mary's Nutritionals - Whole Pet Gel Pen

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Mary's Nutritionals is happy to bring you a CBD dog product that your canine companion is sure to love. From easing their anxiety to improving their coat, the CBD Gel Pen is an easy application product for your furry friend.

Dogs have a similar cannabinoid system as people, which means that their brains unlock the numerous benefits of CBD. One of the most noticeable benefits of using this gel pen is pain reduction. Many older pets and certain breeds are prone to joint pains, which makes it hard for them to move. With only a little bit of CBD and you'll see them running around like when they were a puppy.

Another huge benefit is that it reduces anxiety, whether it’s caused by loud noises like thunderstorms or separation anxiety while you’re at work. CBD relaxes your pet and eases their anxiety.

CBD absorbs quickly and gets to work immediately, ensuring your pet feels better in minutes. Not only that, but CBD usually lasts for a few hours so that they'll feel these benefits throughout the day. This CBD gel pen contains 50 1mg doses.

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