Mary's Nutritionals - Regular Whole Pet Drops

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Your dog will absolutely love these bacon-flavored CBD drops. Formulated for pets over 50lbs, each drop of the Extra Strength Whole Pet Drops contains 1.5mg of CBD.

If your pet is getting older in age or is sick, using these CBD drops can help relieve their pain, and any inflammation they may be experiencing, and nausea related to different medications. If your dog is prone to seizures, CBD drops may reduce the number of seizures they experience. While you’ll know the Extra Strength Whole Pet Drops are making your dog or cat feel better, they’ll just think of them as a tasty treat!

Mary’s Nutritionals is dedicated to the health of your furry friend. All their products are organic and contain no harsh chemicals, safe for your pet. Their trained scientists combine modern technology with horticulture to create innovative and effective products.

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