Koi CBD - CBD Device - Refillable Zen Cartridge (4 Pack)

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These Koi Zen Cartridges are designed specifically for use with the Koi Zen Vape Device. Each order includes four easy-to-use pods, which are perfect for consuming the range of delectable vape juice flavors that Koi CBD offers. Each juice is made with 100% organic US-harvested CBD, as well as a group of juice-specific cannabinoids and terpenes. Koi Pods are easy to fill and can be refilled 1–2 times before being discarded—pod lifespan can vary depending on usage, and if a coil tastes burnt, replace it with a new pod. Order as many as you like and fill them with your favorite Koi CBD vape juices for an easy flavor switch-up at a moment’s notice. It is suggested that you fill these cartridges with 500mg or 1000mg-strength juices in order to get optimal usage out of them.

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