Hometown Hero - CBG Flower - Dreamscape - 3.5g-7g

Unit: 1/8oz - 3.5g
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CBG differs from CBD in that, during the cultivation process, it specifically favors the CBG cannabinoid; therefore, CBG provides unique benefits compared to CBD. One of the main reasons people choose CBG over CBD is because they say it has more of a relaxing effect, if they find traditional CBD flower too stimulating.

While individual responses can vary, many people use CBG at night to help them relax and calm themselves after a long day. You can either use CBG by itself or in conjunction with CBD to get the benefits of both. To find out more about the benefits of CBG and if it’s right for you, use your favorite search engine to search for “benefits of CBG.”

  • 3.5g & 7g options
  • Hand-Trimmed
  • Premium Quality
  • 0.3% THC (below the legal limit)
  • COA (Certificate of Analysis) QR code on every bottle

Lab Reports

1/8oz - 3.5g Lab Report

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