Hempzilla - CBD Pod - Strawberry Creme Zilla Pods - 2pc-300mg

CBD Milligrams: 300mg
Sale price$9.56


For a energizing, revitalizing hint of creamy strawberry in each pull, look to Hempzilla’s two-a-pack, Strawberry-Crème flavored CBD zilla pods. For convenience and easy, on-the-go use, this is a product that can’t be beat. Each pack contains two pods, plus Hempzilla’s in-house brand of non-psychoactive cannabidiol (over 300mg, to be exact), infused with the finest in natural flavors. The strawberry flavor is light but unmistakable, with a hint of crème that puts a nice finishing touch on the whole experience. These zilla pods are leak-resistant, dynamically modeled, and created with maximum durability, dynamism, and enjoyment in mind. As always, it’s about the needs of the customer – in this case, Hempzilla’s many satisfied customers. Compatible with any and all universal vape/pen devices. Available in five other unique and enjoyable strains.

Lab Reports

Zilla Pods - CBD Pod - Strawberry Creme Gelato 300mg by Hempzilla Lab Report

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