Happy Place Hemp - CBD Pet Tincture Spray - Salmon Oil - 500mg

CBD Milligrams: 500mg
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Does your pet have a nervous personality? Separation anxiety? Aggressive tendencies? It can be hard for our pets to communicate how they feel, so they act out. Nervous dogs chew, aggressive dogs bark and anxious cats claw the furniture. It's hard to break these habits! Before you put your pet on expensive medications or resort to desperate measures, help them find their happy place! CBD for pets could have the power to chill out your anxious cat or soothe your nervous puppy. Our Happy Place Hemp Pet Tincture is packed with 500mg of full-spectrum CBD, suitable for any size cat or dog. A few sprays onto their food and you might see a complete change in personality in just 20-30 minutes! Your furry friend is sure to love our CBD for pets—not only because it’ll calm them down and keep them mellow, but also because it’s delicious! Owners might not be too fond of the pungent salmon smell, but it’s like heaven to your cat or dog! Watch their ears perk up and their nose start to wiggle as you spritz this treat onto their food. By the time they’re staring at the bottom of an empty bowl, the CBD will already be calming them down. From little lap cats to lumbering, energetic dogs, Happy Place Hemp Pet Tincture is a natural way to help your pet relax and chill-out. For pets with a nervous personality, anxiety or aggressive tendencies, CBD for pets is a much-needed treat. Directions for Use Spray Happy Place Hemp Pet Tincture onto your dog or cat’s food before feeding them. Encourage your pet finish their food in one sitting for best results. If food sprayed with Pet Tincture sits for longer than 6 hours before being consumed, it’s recommended you throw this food away and reapply Pet Tincture to a new bowl of food. Recommended Usage: Small (Under 15lbs): 1-2 sprays Medium (15-40lbs): 2-3 sprays Large (40-75lbs): 3-4 sprays X-Large (+75lbs): 4-5 sprays Full Ingredient Profile Salmon oil, Natural Mixed Tocopherols, Full-Spectrum Hemp Flower Extract.

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Happy Place Hemp - CBD Pet Tincture Spray - Salmon Oil Lab Report

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