CBDaF! - CBD Vape - Isolate Cartridge - Frostberry - 1g - 400mg

Unit: 1g - 400mg
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Isolate 400mg Pure Hemp CBD - Frostberry | 1mL. Cartridge

Isolate 400mg Pure Hemp CBD – Frost Berry | 1mL. Cartridge. Feeling extra FROSTY with cray swizzle BERRY taste. Let's party it up and let it rip today, son. CBDaF formulated Frost Berry for a unique experience and taste all to its own. Let us Get Bundled Like Bernie up in here! No P.G., PEG, V.G. or Vitamin E. Nicotine Free, THC Free

  • Spectrum Isolate: Isolate 
  • Strength: 400mg 
  • Size: 1ml

Lab Reports

1g - 400mg Lab Report

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