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Lucent Botanicals

Lucent Botanicals takes a wellness approach to their products. They only offer mints infused with CBD, formulated to address a variety of issues, such as sleep problems, energy and focus, mood lifting, calming, and pain relief. With no obvious vapor, oils, or tinctures, a mint is an easier and more discreet way to utilize CBD.

Only 100% natural terpenes and herbs sourced from Colorado are used to make Lucent Botanical mints. They use the expertise of leading chefs to ensure their mints never taste oily or green, but fresh and clean like a mint should. Mints are also absorbed quicker than other types of CBD products. They begin to disintegrate in the mouth, so there's no wait.

Each box of mints contains 400 mgs of CBD. Carefully formulated in-house to ensure superior quality, each batch of mints is tested by third-party labs and declared free of heavy metals, pesticides, and at least 95.5% pure.  

Based in Oakland, California, Lucent Botanicals has a wholesale program that works for any distributor in the United States. The program provides products as well as marketing material, sage advice, sales support, special perks, and a happy customer base to start business on the right foot.

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