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Top 10 Reasons to Use CBD Oil

Top 10 Reasons to Use CBD Oil

Though its popularity has exploded only in recent years, CBD oil was first discovered in the 1940s. Since then, the cannabis industry has shifted, changed, and grown into what it is today. Though much of the industry has focused on the benefits of THC through recent decades, the benefits of CBD are gaining traction. From physical diseases like epilepsy to mental ailments like anxiety, CBD is the next big thing in symptom resolution and recovery from a host of issues. Here are the top 10 reasons to consider using CBD oil.

Research Shows it Works Effortlessly with the Brain

One of the over 100 cannabinoids that can be extracted from a hemp plant, research on the makeup of CBD shows that it works with the chemicals in the human body to reduce symptoms associated with a host of ailments. Since the brain receptors are so accepting of CBD, it is likely that research will show the benefits of the product are far-reaching. After all, there is already much research out there showing how CBD helps with a multitude of ailments explored in-depth below.

Limited Side Effects

Many medications come with a long list of side effects. Sometimes those side effects are so scary, it makes you wonder if you should take the medicine at all. It’s important to note that anything used as a medicine to aid in symptom management or recovery can have side effects, and that includes CBD oil. However, the reported side effects reported from CBD use are relatively mild in nature. These side effects include:

●Dry mouth

●Low blood pressure



You Won’t Get High

Though cannabis products with THC have a host of benefits, it isn’t legal everywhere, and some people worry about the high feeling associated with THC. This isn’t an issue with the use of CBD. Unlike the cannabinoids that contain THC, which produces the high felt from smoking or ingesting marijuana, CBD does not produce a high, which means users are generally fully functional and able to tackle the day ahead.

CBD Oil Could Alleviate Pain

Many of the drugs prescribed to help with pain relief have their share of side effects. Even over-the-counter drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin could cause life-threatening issues like stomach bleeding. CBD oil, which is naturally derived from a hemp plant and has minimal side effects recorded, could be an option instead of pain medication. Many CBD users speak highly of the product’s ability to help with pain management, chronic or otherwise, which has led to an interest in clinical research to determine just why and how the substance works in reference to pain.

Helps with Symptoms of Epilepsy

Though the research on the full scope of the benefits of CBD oil is still in the infancy stages, thorough research has been conducted on one medical condition in particular: epilepsy. When it comes to epilepsy, much hard research has shown the benefits of using CBD to lessen the severity of the symptoms associated with the disease. In fact, in the summer of 2018, the FDA approved the use of a CBD oildrug to help treat two forms of epilepsy. There are several studies that show that small doses of the oil have been known to reduce the severity of an epileptic seizure.

May Help with Sleep

Sleeplessness is a top issue in the United States, and it is also a common symptom associated with anxiety. Many CBD users have touted the use of CBD oil as an aid for sleep, and some research shows that the product can, indeed, help with sleep. One study showed the CBD oil helped people fall asleep faster, and additional studies show that it is effective in helping people with anxiety and PTSD get better sleep at night. At this time, studies are limited when it comes to whether or not CBD is effective in helping with general sleep, but we’re excited to see what researches have to say in the future.

Could Help with Quitting Smoking

For many, quitting smoking is a huge undertaking. Lots of people try several times before finding success. There are a few studies that show that CBD might aid in quitting smoking. One study in particular actually showed a decrease in the amount of cigarettes people smoked as well as a decrease in nicotine cravings, which is, after all, one of the hardest parts of quitting. Nicotine addiction is real and difficult to overcome, but this pilot study, which will likely lead to more research, is a sign of hope for cigarette smokers who want to quit.

Might Help Reduce Inflammation

Thanks to a variety of inflammation-causing foods, outside stressors, anxiety disorders, and a host of other contributors, inflammation in the body has become a norm of sorts. Anti-inflammatory diets are a common and effective way to reduce body inflammation, which leads to problems like joint pain, arthritis, and bloat. There are several studies that show that CBD oil is effective in reducing the symptoms of inflammation.

Helps Reduce Symptoms of Anxiety

Another top issue that Americans contend with, anxiety is a debilitating condition that can have lasting mental and physical repercussions. Many of the physical symptoms that are associated with anxiety like sleeplessness and increased cortisol production can lead to other issues like depression and inflammation problems. CBD oil, which can help with sleep and reducing the feelings of stress, is an option for treating the symptoms associated with anxiety so that the body has a little break and some time to recover.

Could Help with Addiction

The opioid crisis is alive and well in 2018, and medical professionals, as well as lawmakers, are scrambling to find an answer to curb the problem. Though research is just starting, a preliminary study states that it looks like CBD oil could be a promising solution. It is reported that CBD could stop drug-seeking behavior in those addicted to opioids, which can help those with addiction issues recover.

Whatever your reason for thinking about trying CBD oil, case studies and subsequent research is pointing to major benefits to adding the product into your lifestyle. As always, we encourage you to always seek out medical advice from a medical professional, and we implore you to not stop taking any medications you’re currently on without the help of your physician.

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