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The Best CBD Products for Your Skin

CBD for Skin

You’ve likely heard of using CBD for things like depression, stress, ADHD, and as a sleep aid, but did you know CBD can also be used for your skin? Using CBD for skin conditions and skin care is becoming more common, and we expect CBD for skin care to become even more popular as CBD sales are predicted to reach $1.8 billion by 2022. Ready to see all the benefits CBD has to offer your skin? Here are some of our favorite CBD oils and CBD lotions for skin care.

This CBD lotion by Moon Mother contains a mixture of plants, oils, and butters combined by herbalists to help aid in wound healing and skin soothing. This skin balm can help in the healing process of scrapes, bruises, scratches, and bumps. All of Moon Mother’s CBD products are made from certified organic hemp plants grown in Colorado. Grab your Moon Mother balm today and see how you can use CBD for skin concerns!

Hemplucid’s CBD Lotion is perfect for addressing those tough spots that regular lotion can’t ever seem to soften. You can use this Hemplucid CBD lotion on your feet and ankles to smooth skin and relieve aches and pains. Have your elbows or knees been feeling dry lately? Lather on some of this CBD lotion and in no time at all, you’ll start to feel your skin softening.

While this CBD oil technically isn’t for your skin, it is great for beards which are close enough to your face that we’re counting it! This CBD oil by Hemp Bombs helps to hydrate your beard while giving your skin the added benefits of CBD. Plus, CBD oil can help soothe irritation, so if your unruly beard is starting to irritate your skin, you can relieve your skin and tame your beard with just one oil!

This CBD lotion by CBDFx was developed by pharmacists to ensure it is the best product possible. This lotion combines CBD with caffeine and white willow bark extract to calm and soften skin and relieve pain both on and below the skin’s surface. All of CBDFx’s products are made from organically grown hemp plants, so you can rest assured there aren’t any pesticides or herbicides in your CBD products.

This is a really unique and innovative CBD for skin care product. Moon Mother’s glow skin serum hydrates and heals your skin at the same time. The serum is made from a combination of herbs and oils that help to nourish and heal your skin. The serum works to heal acne, fade scarring, and calm other irritations to your skin. We’re not surprised this is a best seller among our customers!

The Hemplucid CBD lip balm is the perfect lip balm for all seasons. It protects you from UV rays during the summer and keeps your lips from getting chapped during the cold winter months. If you regularly experience cracked lips, this lip balm is sure to help soften your lips and heal your skin.

While there are so many uses for CBD products, don’t forget about the benefits CBD can have for your skin! Interested in exploring all the benefits of CBD products? Head to our store and shop by health benefits; we’re sure you’ll find something you like. 

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