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Sleep Like a Baby with CBD

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For the majority of Americans, a night of no sleep is an occasional annoyance - it can be brought on by too much time on one’s phone, a stressful project due at work, or general feelings of anxiety. A sleepless night leads to fogginess, low energy, and a need for more than one cup of coffee to make it through the next day. Products containing CBD relax an anxious mind and body and allow sleep to come more naturally.


CBD is a naturally occurring extract found within the flower of the cannabis plant. By mixing CBD with a host oil, such as eucalyptus or jasmine, CBD oil can be added to products such as teas and certain types of foods, or administered directly on or under the tongue. CBD oil can also be added to a vape pen. When inhaled, it passes through the lungs and rapidly enters the bloodstream. Most individuals use CBD oil to manage pain, anxiety, and depression, with anxiety noted as a leading cause of insomnia and general sleep troubles.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Sleep

While many individuals struggling to sleep have varying degrees of success with over-the-counter sleep remedies, more and more people are discovering that products containing CBD relax their bodies and control the anxiety that can interrupt sleep. During a 3-month study of 72 patients treated with CBD oil for sleep difficulty, Colorado researchers found anxiety levels declined overall, leading to more restful nights for the patients. This result may be due to the CBD interacting with the endocannabinoid system throughout the body, which includes receptors in the brain that affect an individual’s sleep-wake cycle and receptors linked to anxiety. 

Best CBD Oil Combinations for Sleep

When choosing a CBD oil to aid in your sleep, what is the best oil to choose?  Moon Mother Peppermint Tincture will quickly help your mind to relax, and your anxieties melt away, letting you fall asleep easier.

How to Use CBD Oil Before Bed

CBD oils are typically sold in small bottles with droppers for administration. The recommended number of drops per dose will be listed on the bottle, but depending upon how difficult it is for you to fall asleep, you may wish to increase the amount you take to ensure you get the full effects of the CBD oil. Teas or midnight snacks infused with CBD relax your body slowly before bed. You can also administer the drops directly under your tongue for quicker entry into your bloodstream. Pro tip: Try and swish the CBD oil around in your mouth for a minute to ninety seconds to increase absorption and overall benefits. If you are using a vape pen, be sure the CBD oil you choose is vape pen-friendly and check a CBD dosage chart to be sure you are consuming the appropriate amount for your age, weight, and ailment.

Check out Have a Nice Day’s complete list of sleep-support CBD products to find the CBD sleep aid that is best for you!

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