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Our Top 5 Heady Harvest Products

Our Top 5 Heady Harvest Products

When it comes to CBD oil, the benefits are endless. But one of our favorite brands here at Have a Nice Day CBD is Heady Harvest. Heady Harvest has a wide range of products, which makes them one of our go-to brands for CBD oil needs from head to toe! Here are our top five products:

CBD Oil Cartridge for Vapes

Vaping is growing in popularity every day, and the most user-friendly vape products come with attachable cartridges. Heady Harvest has bottled their own CBD oil into a vape-friendly cartridge for easy attachment and removal of your favorite CBD oil, so you don’t risk spilling or wasting any! The OG Gold CBD Oil Cartridge is a quality product for new and frequent vapers alike. With a range of 175mg to 750mg, Heady Harvest has the cartridge to fit your CBD vaping needs. The CBD oil also comes in pineapple and strawberry flavors! You can check out all the benefits of vaping CBD oil here.

CBD-Infused Grape Syrup

If CBD in pure oil form isn’t the right fit for you, try this Heady Harvest grape syrup, which comes in 250mg or 500mg doses. The syrup is perfect for adding to your drinks, allowing you to control the dosage completely. You have the ability to add more syrup for a higher dosage, or keeping your mixture more diluted for a smaller dose. You’re in complete control with this syrup form, so you can easily adapt to your needs. 

 Sour Pixies with CBD

You can’t go wrong with CBD oil in candy form, but have you ever heard of CBD sour pixies? Heady Harvest makes them, and we have them in stock here at Have a Nice Day CBD! They come in a four pack with strawberry, blue raspberry, green apple, and orange flavors. These sour pixies are perfect for bringing to your next (adult) party or give as a gift! They come in 25mg doses, which make them a great beginner product for anyone wanting to try CBD candy for the first time.

 CBD Coconut Lotion

CBD oil is often used orally, but there are many benefits to applying CBD products to your skin. CBD oil can be used to prevent acne, as it targets excess oil in your skin. With its antioxidant properties, CBD products can be used as an anti-aging cream. Additionally, CBD oil can reduce itchiness in skin and is antibacterial, which makes it a potent remedy for sunburn and scrapes. Heady Harvest carries a CBD Coconut Lotion, which pairs the benefits of CBD oil with the soothing smell and assistance of coconut oil for all your skincare necessities!

 CBD Gummies

Delivered in the flavorful, delicious, bear-shaped candy you know, Heady Harvest CBD oil gummies are number one on our list! The packs contain 20 CBD-filled gummy bears and come in three different dose choices: 200mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. Taking CBD oil in gummy form is a fun way to reap all of the benefits of CBD, like treating insomnia, stress, or muscle pain. The Heady Harvest gummies also come in sour flavor!


At Have a Nice Day CBD, we only carry quality brands to make sure you receive a great product every time! Start shopping for the right CBD product for you, right now!


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