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Our Favorite CBD Products for Relaxing

Our Favorite CBD Products for Relaxing

We frequently get asked is CBD relaxing? The answer is yes! While a lot of people might think that CBD will make you anxious, what you’re actually thinking of is THC. THC is the chemical found in cannabis plants that produces the psychoactive effect that leads to feeling “high” or paranoid. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t affect your state of mind and can help manage chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. You can read more about the differences between THC and CBD here. Below you’ll find some of our favorite products for relaxing with CBD.

CBD Gummies

The next time someone asks you is CBD relaxing, you can tell them yes, it is and it can also be a treat to eat. CBD gummies are a great way to consume CBD for relaxing because you’re treating yourself to something sweet and also helping your body and mind unwind. Some of our favorite CBD gummies for relaxing are:

These CBD gummies come in a delicious and refreshing watermelon flavor, making them ideal for easy consumption. They also come in a variety of strengths ranging from 30MG - 120MG so you can find the right strength for your needs.

These CBD gummies from CBDfx are a great option for relaxing, and as a bonus are full of nutrient-rich ingredients like turmeric and spirulina! These are great for when you want to relax and give your body an antioxidant boost.

The Heady Harvest CBD gummies come in a variety of flavors and colors so you can mix it up every day! They range in strength from 200MG - 1,000MG so they’re perfect for someone who needs a higher strength CBD option.


CBD oil is another excellent way to use CBD for relaxing. Using CBD oil is one of the most common methods of delivery for CBD. You take CBD oil by putting a drop under your tongue, holding it there, and then swallowing the oil. This is one of the fastest ways to feel the effects of CBD. Here are our recommended CBD oils for relaxing:

The title of this oil says it all - it tastes like a strawberry milkshake! We can think of few things more relaxing than collapsing onto your couch after a long day and using a couples drops of this deliciously flavored CBD oil!

This all-natural CBD oil is perfect for those who don’t want any flavors in their oil. Simply put a drop under your tongue for 30 seconds, swallow, and wait to feel the effects. This CBD oil comes in a range of strengths between 240MG - 4,850MG.

This CBD tincture is actually oil-based so you can use it in your vape pen or for direct consumption. The tasty and potent coconut flavor will allow you to relax from the comfort of your own home while feeling like you’re on a tropical island.

Now that you know CBD is relaxing, we recommend viewing all the products in our store so you can start unwinding as soon as possible. If you’re worried about choosing the right dosage for your needs, you can read more about our recommendations here. And the next time someone asks is CBD relaxing, you’ll be able to tell them all about the best CBD gummies and oils for relaxing!

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