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Can CBD Relieve Your Pain?

Can CBD Relieve Your Pain?

If you’ve heard the chatter about CBD but you’re still not quite sure what all the hype is or you’re still on the fence about it, you’ve come to the right place. If you are considering using CBD to help manage your pain, we want to provide you with the information to help you chose the best products to meet your needs. So what is CBD, how can it help manage your pain and what options are out there for you to try?

CBD In A Nutshell

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is just one of over 100 chemical compounds that can be found in the cannabis plant. CBD has become known for its remarkable anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits and has been widely used for years to treat a multitude of conditions. So why all the fuss and controversy? Studies continue to find positive outcomes and it’s hard to deny the numerous accounts of success stories people are sharing. Not only does CBD offer a natural alternative to medication and the risk of dependency, it has also been noted there are no adverse side effects either.

Will I Get High By Using a CBD Product?

Not to be confused with THC, the chemical compound from the plant that alters your mental state,  CBD is not psychoactive and will not result in a “high.” In fact, research has found that CBD actually works WITH the receptors in your brain and the immune system to help alleviate pain and reduce inflammation by actually helping to regulate the pain. Studies have found that the use of CBD does not cause one to become dependent nor does one start to build up a tolerance, so you will not find yourself needing to increase your dosage.  

Who Is It Helping?

From athletic injuries to chronic back pain, many people have reported success when managing their pain with CDB products, such as oils, edibles, and creams. Studies have shown CBD has been able to help chronic pain sufferers and has even helped alleviate pain in Multiple Sclerosis patients by somewhat  reducing the painful muscle spasms often seen with MS.

Arthritis is also a condition that has seemed to benefit from CBD use. With well over 50 million Americans suffering from arthritis pain, learning that CBD products may subdue this pain leaves many hopeful.

Chronic back pain studies are noting that sufferers are seeing potentially positive results from CBD use. It has even been credited with relieving back pain for those with scoliosis; the curving of the spine, typically in an S or C shape. More studies are being done to dive deeper into the benefits of CBD use for scoliosis, since most suffer from ongoing back pain, even after corrective measures have been taken.

It is important to note there may be side effects such as a possible change in appetite, tiredness or diarrhea. Consult your doctor if you have underlying health conditions or prescription combination concerns.

What Product Options Are Available

We offer a large variety of choices and are here to answer any of your questions when considering a CBD product to help manage your pain. You can always trust that you are purchasing the best in hemp-derived CBD from our store.

CBD Edibles and Gummies

You are sure to find something that catches your eye from our edibles selection. Our CBD Gummies from CBDFx contain spirulina and turmeric, while our CBD Lion Gummies are a delicious blend of peach and watermelon and contain organic and vegan ingredients. Many people enjoy the taste of edibles and the ease of taking a few chews to help subside their discomfort. If edibles don’t seem right for you, there are still plenty of other options to consider.

CBD Creams

Another great pain management option is using a CBD cream or lotion. Topical application of CBD has been used for hundreds of years and is said to do wonders for inflamed skin, muscle, and joint aches and various pains. Applying a topical cream form of CBD may take a bit longer for you to feel the relief; up to several hours depending on the strength of your cream. It’s a small price to pay when you see the list of conditions it has been praised with helping. Among some of these conditions are:

  •  Blisters
  •  Sprains
  •  Sciatica
  •  Earaches
  •  Migraines
  •  Menstrual Cramps

Our 1000MG CBD Potion-Lotion With Mint is one of our faster-acting options and is known for helping with arthritis pain and various skin conditions. This moisturizing lotion contains essential oils and comes in 3 sizes and strengths.

When using creams, you will get the best results when applying it to freshly cleansed skin. Allow the cream a few minutes to absorb before dressing.


CBD oils are made from industrial hemp. The compound is extracted, then mixed with what is known as a carrier oil, such as coconut oil. CBD oils are usually a higher potency and are able to be made into may various products. It can be applied directly to the skin for quick absorption and faster pain management relief. CBDPure Hemp Oil  is a great option and is offered in 3 strength levels. Oils can be ingested as well, through products such as CBDFx Vape Oil Additive or by dropper under the tongue.

We continue to learn more about the benefits CBD offers and how it can help manage various conditions each day, as well as hear more testimonials of those finding relief with CBD product use.  With the wide variety of products we offer, you are sure to find one that brings the comfort you have been looking for. For a more in-depth look at CBD, we’ve created a Beginner’s Guide to CBD that will answer many of your questions. Visit us now to find the products that are best for your needs.

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