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CBD Oil for Pain Management

CBD Oil for Pain Management

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, can help address a variety of ailments, including stress, ADHD, depression, symptoms of PMS, and lack of sleep.  However, one of CBD’s most common uses is for the treatment of pain. CBD oil is one of the most commonly used forms of CBD and is one of the most effective ways of consuming CBD for pain relief.

Most people don’t know that the human body has an endocannabinoid system, but it does, and this system actually produces some cannabinoids of its own. It also receives and translates signals from cannabinoids. The endocannabinoid system helps you regulate different aspects of your body like your immune system, sleep, and how you feel pain. This is why CBD oil can be so effective for pain treatment.

CBD for Pain Management

  • Arthritis

Arthritis currently affects 54 million adults, and by 2040 it is estimated to impact more than 78 million. Although arthritis is a common medical diagnosis, it actually refers to over 100 different types of arthritis and related conditions. The common factor that is shared among all these different types is experiencing swelling of the joints, pain or stiffness in joints, and a decreased range of motion. Researchers in the European Journal of Pain conducted a study on the effects of CBD for pain related to arthritis. They found that inflammation and symptoms of pain were reduced over four days without any additional side effects.

  • Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can refer to any number of conditions, including pain related to autoimmune diseases, Crohn's Disease, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Scoliosis and, TMJ, to name a few. According to the CDC, over 20% of adults in America suffer from some form of chronic pain. Many of these adults have turned to CBD for pain management. One study found that adults who used CBD for pain relief were likely to experience a clinically significant reduction in pain symptoms over those who did not.

  • Inflammation

Cannabinoid receptors are found in the brain (the CB1 receptor) and in the immune system (the CB2 receptor). Since the CB1 and CB2 receptors are both found on immune cells, researchers believe that cannabinoids play a crucial role in regulating the immune system. One study researching the role of cannabinoids on the immune system found that cannabinoids suppress the body’s inflammatory response and lessen the impact of chronic disease symptoms. For people experiencing inflammation due to injury, illness, or as a symptom of chronic pain, it is worth exploring CBD for pain related to inflammation.

  • Neurogenic Pain

While neurogenic pain sounds like a complicated medical term, it simply means pain that stems from the nervous system. It is caused by disease, damage, or dysfunction of the central or peripheral nervous system. Estimates suggest that around 25% of patients pursuing treatment in pain centers are seeking treatment for neurogenic pain. With such a substantial number of people pursuing treatment, researchers studied the possibility of using CBD for pain relief for those experiencing neurogenic pain. One study found that CBD can improve the symptoms of neurogenic pain which have proven unresponsive to standard treatments.

  • Cancer Pain

According to the National Cancer Institute, over 38% of adults will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life and it’s estimated approximately 1.8 million new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the US over the course of a year. There have been numerous studies that look at the effect of CBD for pain management in cancer patients. They found that CBD can benefit patients whose cancers are triggered by chronic inflammation. In these cases, CBD has been found to inhibit tumor growth and suppress inflammation triggers. CBD Oil has also proven beneficial for treating certain symptoms of chemotherapy treatment such as nausea.

  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

According to the National MS Society, there are an estimated 2.3 million people living with MS worldwide. MS is a disease of the central nervous system that can affect the entire body. MS symptoms can include fatigue, impaired vision, problems with balance and walking, numbness or pain, problems with memory, concentration, mood changes, and muscle spasms. People with MS can experience chronic pain as well as pain triggered by ongoing muscle spasms.  Multiple studies on using CBD for pain related to MS symptoms have been conducted and there has been some evidence that CBD can reduce muscle spasms and force the disease to develop slower by creating anti-inflammatory pathways.

These are just some of the conditions that may benefit from using CBD for pain management. As CBD grows in popularity, and as more patients experiencing pain turn to CBD for pain relief, the list of conditions CBD can help is sure to increase.

Recommended CBD Oil for Pain Management

With so many people searching for the right CBD product to manage their pain, we thought it would be helpful to share some of our best-selling CBD products for pain relief. You can find a full listing of all our CBD oils in our store.

Medterra - Medoil CBD Tincture

This CBD tincture by Medterra is a popular CBD oil for pain management. Each bottle of Medterra’s CBD oil contains 30ml of liquid and guarantees there is no THC is any bottle. All of Medterra’s CBD is extracted from hemp plants that are grown at a non-GMO farm in Kentucky and are third-party tested so you can have peace of mind. This tincture comes in 500mg, 1000mg, and 3000mg strengths so you can adjust the dosage for your needs.

Koi Naturals - Lemon-Lime

This CBD oil from Koi features a citrusy flavor and a full-spectrum CBD blend perfect for pain management. All of Koi’s CBD oils contain 0% THC and they ensure all of their products are tested for purity, safety, and consistency. The oil comes in 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg strengths to meet a variety of needs.

Hemp Bombs - CBD Oil

This CBD oil by Hemp Bombs is ideal for joint and muscle pain. Hemp Bombs’ goal is to help you lead a better-quality life using their CBD products. This 300mg CBD oil comes in watermelon and peppermint flavors for an appealing taste. Hemp Bombs’ oil can also help with other symptoms of chronic pain like anxiety and disjointed sleep.

CBDPure - Hemp Oil

CBDPure’s CBD oil is produced from certified organic hemp in Colorado. These hemp plants are never exposed to pesticides or herbicides. All CBDPure CBD oil is lab tested to ensure you’re getting the purest and highest quality product. This oil comes in 100mg, 300mg, and 600mg strengths.

Hemplucid Tincture Hempseed Oil

Hemplucid’s CBD oil not only gives you all the benefits of CBD, but it also includes essential nutrients and minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and calcium. A slow release formula, this CBD oil takes approximately an hour to go into effect, making it better for long-term pain maintenance rather than immediate treatment. This CBD oil comes in 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg strengths. 

Nuleaf Naturals - Full Spectrum CBD Oil

This CBD oil by Nuleaf Naturals contains only the highest quality cannabinoids. All of Nuleaf Naturals’ products are from whole plant extracts and have no synthetics or isolates. They use a CO2 extraction system that extracts phytonutrients from the plant to ensure the entire spectrum of cannabinoids is retained in the blend. This CBD oil comes in 240mg, 725mg, 1450mg, 2425mg, and 4850mg strengths. Each milliliter of this CBD oil is concentrated to about 50mg-2425mg of cannabinoids depending on your chosen strength.

Endoca - Hemp Oil Drops CBD

This CBD oil from Endoca is perfect for ensuring you get a precise dose of CBD because they guarantee one drop contains 1mg of CBD. All of Endoca’s hemp products are 100% organic and their manufacturing process uses 100% clean technology. Endoca was even given an award from the United Nations for resource efficiency and clean production. If you’re looking for a CBD oil that is great for pain management and the environment, we highly recommend Endoca’s oil drops available in 300mg or 1500mg strengths.

CBDFx - CBD MCT Oil Tincture

This CBD oil tincture by CBDFx is a favorite among our customers. The oil only contains two ingredients: hemp oil and CBD oil. There are no additives and no artificial flavors and all of CBDFx’s products are made from organically grown hemp. If you want to know exactly what’s in your CBD oil, this CBD oil from CBDFx is perfect for your pain management needs. This tincture comes in 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg strengths.

Other CBD Products for Pain Management

While CBD oils are a highly effective way to use CBD for pain management, many users have also found that topical CBD products can work wonders, especially for joint pain associated with chronic illnesses. These are some of our favorite topical CBD products.

Hemp Bombs - CBD Pain Freeze

The Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Freeze cream provides cold therapy relief instantly to affected areas. The cream can help reduce pain, muscle aches, and cramps, as well as decrease inflammation. Hemp Bombs products feature pharmaceutical-grade CBD that contains no THC. They ensure all of their products are pure through third-party testing.

CBD Potion - Lotion 500MG

The CBD Potion Lotion by Experience CBD is a lotion made for fast acting pain relief. The lotion is recommended for arthritis relief, skin disorders, and general joint or muscle pain. All of Experience CBD’s products are sourced from hemp in California or Colorado. This lotion is made from pure CBD oil.

Hemplucid CBDA Lotion 1000mg

This CBD lotion from Hemplucid provides targeted joint pain relief. They have also found this lotion can be helpful for pain associated with varicose veins. All of Hemplucid’s products are made from organic farms in Colorado and grown by experienced farmers. The hemp plants Hemplucid uses are from a GHMP Certified Facility to ensure the highest quality possible.

CBDFx - CBD Cream - CBD Lotion

This CBD lotion by CBDFx was developed in partnership with pharmacists to ensure it provides maximum pain relief. This lotion combines CBD with white willow bark extract and caffeine to create a holistic way to treat your pain. All of CBDFx’s products are made from organically grown hemp plants.

CBD Oil Dosage for Pain Management

Currently, there aren’t any established guidelines for standard doses of CBD oil to treat pain. There have been some studies done on dosages that may help alleviate pain associated with a variety of medical conditions. One such study that focused on the use of CBD for pain associated with chronic pain conditions found that taking 20mg of CBD daily could help alleviate symptoms.

Although this study can provide some guidance, many people start off with small doses and experiment with different strengths until they find what works best for them. If you’re open to experimenting and finding the dosage that works best for you and your specific pain relief needs, its recommended to start with a small number of milligrams, around 25mg or below, up to twice a day. It can be helpful to jot down how you’re feeling about an hour after you ingest the CBD oil. We recommend keeping a journal or a note in your phone where you can rate your pain scale prior to taking the CBD oil and then rating it again about an hour later. If you’re not noticing much change, that can be a signal to increase your dosage. Even after you become a CBD pro, we think it’s a good idea to check in with yourself every few months and see if your dosage is still giving you the desired effects. Long-term tracking can also help you identify cycles during the week or month when your pain is likely to increase, and you can adjust your dosage accordingly. 

No matter what kind of pain you’re experiencing, whether it is from a medical condition or you’re experiencing muscle soreness from a good workout, CBD oil can help provide pain relief in the short term and can be used for pain management over the long term. We’re confident you can find the perfect product you need in our store. In addition to using CBD for pain management, we also have a variety of CBD products that can be used for skin-care, sleep support, stress or anxiety, and even for your pets! 

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