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What to Know About CBD If You Live in Maine

What to Know About CBD If You Live in Maine

CBD is having a moment. The most hyped substance the wellness industry has to offer in 2019, CBD — also known as cannabidiol — is a chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant. CBD is widely considered to be a safe, natural way to tackle stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, and pain. CBD can be administered in a variety of ways - you can take a pill, add some CBD oil to your chai tea, or breathe CBD in deeply through your vape pen. Take a trip to your local market, and you’ll find CBD oil lining the shelves of the health and beauty section. Go to a hipster coffee shop in New York City, and you’ll find CBD lattes for sale. You can even order CBD-infused dog treats to help your anxious pets relax.

While it may seem like CBD is everywhere, that is not to say that there aren’t legal roadblocks related to the sale of CBD oil and other CBD-based products. These laws can vary state by state. With CBD approval residing in a “gray area” with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), some manufacturers in certain states have been caught falsifying claims about the potency of the CBD in the products they sell, as well as their products’ overall effectiveness. This has led to a crackdown on CBD manufacturing and purchasing across the country.


The Legality of CBD in Maine

Maine CBD laws were a bit up in the air at the beginning of 2019. In February, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the FDA  were at odds over the legality of CBD, with the DEA claiming the use of to be illegal since CBD is derived from marijuana and the FDA arguing that CBD could be legally sold and consumed as a prescription drug, but not as a dietary supplement. This difference of legal opinion impacted the sale of CBD oil and other CBD products in Maine, where CBD had been legal, except in edible form. CBD could not be added to any food product, despite CBD’s lack of THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana that causes users to feel high. 


Positive Developments for CBD Use in Maine

In March 2019, Maine governor Janet Mills signed a law allowing cannabidiol to be added to food products sold within the state. This new Maine CBD law treated the popular hemp byproduct as a food rather than a medicinal product, circumventing the federal law that stated that medicine cannot be added to any food product. Because Maine CBD products are considered to be food products only, product manufacturers cannot make any health claims on or within the packaging of their products or on their product websites.

This law has been a boon for Maine CBD producers and suppliers, who earlier in 2019 saw retailers pull foods, beverages, and tinctures from their stores in response to federal and state laws that pushed the sale of CBD oil and other products into a gray area of legality in the state.  With the passage of this new law, the state’s definition of hemp — which CBD is extracted from — aligned with the definition put forth in the US Farm Bill. Hemp, which contains very little THC, is legal federally, and as CBD oil, edibles, and other CBD products are derived from hemp, local hemp farmers can move forward with the legal sale of their products across the state. Maine CBD use has flourished in the months since the bill was signed.


The Federal Legality of CBD

Though local farmers, manufacturers, and retailers are officially cleared to sell their CBD products without consequences at the state level, things are in flux and could change without prior warning at the federal level. The federal government could put forth federal warnings, seize local farmers’ products, and potentially bring criminal charges against farmers should the federal legality of hemp change. But, for now, stock up on your favorite CBD products, Mainers, and enjoy the benefits of CBD use.


Our Favorite CBD Products!

Whether or not you live in Maine, we at Have a Nice Day believe in the power of CBD to help you relax, sleep, and manage pain in the most natural and effective ways possible! If you’re a beginner to CBD use, your best first step is to read our CBD Oil 101: A Beginner’s Guide to get all of your basic questions about CBD answered. Once you’ve checked out the guide, take a look at our favorite product recommendations listed below:

We love this product for its combination of CBD and melatonin, another naturally-occurring sleep aid. The tablet dissolves easily under your tongue -no need to struggle to swallow a pill - and allows users to fall asleep slowly and naturally. If you are at all sensitive to melatonin, you can split the tablet in half.

This hemp oil is derived from certified organic-standards hemp, so you know you are purchasing a quality product! This product comes in three different strengths so that you can customize your purchase to suit your needs and tolerance level.

If you have a sweet tooth and are also looking to relax after work or before bed, we can’t recommend these watermelon-flavored gummies enough! Each gummy provides a dose of 30 mg of CBD - be sure to refer to a CBD chart online for your preferred dose.

If you’re a new CBD user, this vape pen is a great introduction to the benefits of CBD oil. The pen is fully constructed and charged, so just pop the pen out of the box for immediate use. And who can resist strawberry lemonade?

Whether Maine CBD purchases are in your future or you live in another state and plan to buy your CBD products online, Have a Nice Day is here to answer all of your CBD-related questions and offer you a wide variety of CBD products to help you relax, sleep, and manage your pain. Check out our main page for a full list of all our product options and be sure to check out our blog for great CBD-related content!

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