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CBD and New Hampshire: What You Should Know

New Hampshire Scenery

If you’re not from New Hampshire, you might not know some of the most interesting facts about that little state in the top right corner of your map. For instance, you might have had no idea that it is home to over 1.3 million people, a pretty good number for how small it is! You also might not have known that it is known for its granite, and it is the birthplace of the famous singer and actress, Mandy Moore.

If you go deeper than surface level, you'll discover that New Hampshire was actually one of the thirteen original colonies, leaving a pretty good mark in history. The state legalized same-sex marriage in January of 2010. New Hampshire is a pretty heavy swing state, but it has voted Democrat in six of the last seven presidential elections. Perhaps one of the most interesting facts about New Hampshire is that it always holds the first primary election in the United States for each presidential election cycle. The primary is held on the second Tuesday in March, but the Secretary of State has the power to change the date to ensure that the New Hampshire primary will occur at least seven days before any other state’s.

With all this talk about politics and laws in New Hampshire, you might be wondering what the state’s CBD laws are, especially if you’re a resident. New Hampshire CBD rules are more flexible than some states, but there are still a few regulations that you might need to take a closer look at before beginning consumption.

First things first…what is CBD?

You’ve heard comments and opinions about different CBD laws tossed around a bunch lately, but you may still have no idea what anyone is talking about. If you want to join in the conversation, you need to know a little bit about CBD. We’re here to educate you on the basics!

First of all, CBD stands for cannabidiol. This is a naturally-occurring extract found in the cannabis plant's flower or extracted from the hemp plant. When cannabidiol mixes with a host oil, you can experience the benefits of CBD extract! This can be done through vaping, capsules, edibles, waxes, and more.

Is CBD legal in my state?

Yes, CBD is legal in plenty of states! Each state has its own CBD laws, much like New Hampshire CBD laws are in place. Things can vary from state to state, so it’s important you really do your research depending on where you live or where you’re visiting. A few callouts:

  • There are still three states that still consider marijuana, in all forms (including CBD oil), illegal: Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota.
  • Just because a state has legalized marijuana recreationally and medically does not mean all CBD is legal. For instance, in Colorado, you're good to go, but in California, CBD oil derived from hemp is illegal.
  • Medical marijuana might be legal in your state, but recreational might not be. This means your CBD laws probably outline that pure CBD oil is okay, but not CBD blended with THC.

What’s CBD’s status in New Hampshire?

Now we get to the good stuff: New Hampshire CBD rules and regulations.

Good news, New Hampshire CBD wannabe-users! You’re in the clear!

New Hampshire has been running a medical marijuana program since 2013. House Bill 573 was passed that year, legalizing the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes for a list of ailments including, but not limited to, cancer, HIV, muscular dystrophy, Crohn's disease, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer's. While these patients could use medical cannabis and be exempt from any criminal penalties if their use complied with the law, it was the responsibility of the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services to register eligible patients. This included issuing identification cards to them and their caregivers.

For three years, things were pretty up in the air, but in 2016, the medical marijuana program finally started. The law allowed anyone with a valid registration to carry two ounces of medical marijuana they cannot purchase, gift, or cultivate on their own. Plymouth, New Hampshire is home to the first authorized dispensary in the state.

While medical marijuana has a clear guide at this point, New Hampshire CBD is somewhat of a tricky topic. There are no real CBD laws in New Hampshire, meaning CBD is not legal or illegal. The government is strictly keeping an eye out on CBD use in the state. This means that the public can use CBD, but the government can take away that privilege at any given time.

To be safe, we recommend utilizing CBD, but without a blend of THC.


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