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Can’t Sleep? Try CBD!


Everyone has at one point or another experienced a sleepless night. There is nothing quite as frustrating as tossing and turning, your eyes refusing to stay shut, and checking the clock every few minutes to see that you still haven’t slipped into a peaceful REM slumber.  According to the Center for Disease Control, one in three adults are not getting the recommended amount of sleep each night. Consistent lack of sleep doesn’t just make your morning feel like a drag; it has been linked to obesity, increased anxiety, diabetes, and heart disease.

If you are someone who occasionally or consistently struggles with anxiety or insomnia, products made with CBD relax anxiety, allowing you to catch those must-needed ZZZs.


What Is CBD?

While it has exploded in popularity over the past few years, CBD — or cannabidiol — has been used cross-culturally for thousands of years. A naturally-occurring substance extracted from the cannabis flower, CBD is routinely mixed into a host oil and can be added to drinks, food, or placed directly under your tongue.  While the effects of CBD on our endocannabinoid system are still being examined, plenty of positive outcomes have been reported; including a 2014 study showing CBD oil directly affects the body’s 5-HT1A serotonin receptor.  CBD oil and other CBD products can combat anxiety, pain, and depression in both humans and their pets!


CBD and Sleep

A 2019 study by Kaiser Permanente shows that those who take CBD experience the positive effect of better sleep. Participants in the study identified their struggles with anxiety and sleep and took CBD for one month to combat these challenges. Due to CBD’s calming effect on the central nervous system, almost 80% of participants noted decreased levels of anxiety, and 66% noted less sleeplessness. While this study did not identify pain as a factor in the participants’ sleeplessness, its pain-reducing qualities help users of CBD relax and fall asleep.

Those taking CBD sleep more soundly with little to no side effects. With over the counter sleep aids, users can sometimes experience further fatigue, changes in appetite, or gastrointestinal distress. CBD products are seen as a low-risk alternative to sleep aids found in the pharmacy.


Best Practices for Using CBD for Sleep

  • Start Small: When trying out CBD oil or gummies, it’s best to begin with a small dose (around 25 to 30mg) to start. If your first dose proves to be too little, gradually increase the amount you are taking until you experience a full night’s sleep and wake up feeling rested. Try Sun State Hemp - CBD Gummy Penguins for a sweet CBD sleep
  • Find Your Right Fit: If you find yourself waking up throughout the night, CBD oil and edibles will provide more sustained effects to help you sleep longer. If falling asleep is more of an issue for you, try a vape pen for quicker results.
  • Practice Additional Healthy Sleep Habits: Products containing CBD relax the mind and body, but be sure you are also exercising consistently, eating healthy meals, and allowing your body to decompress in the evening by avoiding caffeine, turning your phone off an hour before bed, and keeping your bedtime routine consistent. When combined, these strategies will ensure you start relaxing well before bedtime.

If it’s your first time trying CBD sleep products, check out Have a Nice Day for more information about CBD and its role in helping you rest easy.

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