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3 CBD Treats to Chill Out Your Puppy

3 CBD Treats to Chill Out Your Puppy

Is your puppy hyperactive and getting into everything? Do they destroy your shoes, furniture, or favorite sweater as soon as you leave the house because they’re anxious? You’re not alone! There are plenty of puppies that have above-average levels of energy or anxiety, and it can be hard to know how to calm them down — especially when you’re not there. These three CBD treats are perfect for helping your pup relax.

CBD Bacon Strip

Everyone knows that bacon is downright irresistible for humans and dogs alike. That’s why these bacon strip treats by CBDrool are the perfect treat using CBD dogs can enjoy. CBDrool uses CBD pets can consume to calm their anxiety and relax. Each treat contains 10mg of CBD, so you can adjust the dosage based on your puppy’s weight and levels of energy. Your dog will be begging for these bacon strips in no time!

CBD Beef Jerky

If your pup is one that tries to sneak food off your plate every time you turn your head, they’ll absolutely love CBDrool’s CBD Beef Jerky. Each piece of beef jerky contains 5mg of CBD dogs will gobble right up. We guarantee your puppy will be begging for more before you even close the lid. Giving your puppy one treat a day will help them relax, stay out of mischief, and feel less anxious when you leave the house. Plus, knowing this is CBD pets love and is safe for them will make you feel less worried when you grab dinner with friends leaving your puppy at home.

CBD Steak Bites

If you’ve ever spent an evening grilling up the perfect steak and then feel guilty when your pup is sitting there with big puppy dog eyes, then these treats with CBD dogs love is your answer! CBDrool created delicious (or so our dog tells us) steak bite treats that will make your pup feel like they’re sharing in your meal, and calm them down before bed. Each treat contains 5.6mg of CBD pets can safely consume. It’s perfect for mellowing your puppy out before bed, or calming them down if they’re just naturally over-energetic.

While puppies will always be highly energetic, nosey, and excited about everything, there are plenty of dogs out there that get extremely anxious or nervous for any number of reasons. Sometimes this leads to the destruction of your home, bathroom mishaps on the carpet, or canceling your plans because you feel too guilty to leave them. Occasionally, this means dogs are dumped at shelters or returned after only a few days or weeks of being in their new home. CBD can help relieve your dog’s anxiety, calm them down, and improve their overall well-being. To learn more about CBD and pets, you can read our previous blog post here.

Shop all CBD for pets in our store today. If you’re interested in learning more about using CBD for yourself and how it can help relieve symptoms of inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression you can learn more here and shop all CBD products in our store.

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