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10 CBD Edibles You Should Try

10 CBD Edibles You Should Try

Walking down the pharmacy aisle of your local Walmart or Target, it’s easy to wonder, “Is this all there is available?” Despite the complex array of symptoms and causes that we experience, there seems to be a limited supply of treatments - though plenty of versions of them. It’s not enough that the normal version of Tylenol doesn’t help ease your pain, they also have to offer it under five other brand names. Sleep aids and vitamins are similar. Though you can’t tell if they’re really doing anything to make a difference, you have a plethora of options - every flavor gummy, cute pink packaging, or the bottle promising more masculinity. However, all that packaging means nothing if you can’t find something that works for you.

Edible CBD is a great option to treat a plethora of problems. While you may not see it on store shelves, CBD activates the body’s serotonin receptor, helping with everything from pain relief to anxiety to sleep to your appetite. While CBD can be used as oils, pills, or topically, we also love edible CBD (especially because CBD gummies make us think of our favorite Flintstones vitamins). We’ve included ten of our favorite CBD edibles for you to consider below.

  1. Hemp Gummy Bears

These CBD gummy bears are cute and look just like something you would buy at the movies. They’re built for maximum health impact, with completely vegan ingredients, no corn syrup, no artificial sweeteners, and non-GMO. This combo makes us feel really good that the ingredients we’re putting in our body are high-quality and not just chemicals. Because these CBD gummies are a low-dose at 5mg, they’re a great place to start treating any symptoms, such as anxiety, pain, or sleeplessness and decide if you need to increase your dosage from there.

  1. Sour Strawberry Gummies

These are just the cutest little CBD gummies you’ll find. They come packaged individually and are shaped like a strawberry themselves. Each gummy has 30mg of pure CBD, so they’re a great choice to fill any CBD needs, especially if you love the strawberry flavor. Additionally, they’re Good Manufacturing Certified (GMP), so you can be certain that they meet high-quality standards.

  1. CBD Honey Sticks

CBD honey sticks are a great option for something you already love to have a few extra benefits. These come packaged as 25 sticks with 10mg of CBD each. Add them to anything you would usually use honey for - peanut butter toast, tea, yogurt, or even a homemade salad dressing.

  1. Experience CBD Cherry Soda Gummy

These cherry soda CBD gummies — designed to look like soda bottles — offer a different flavor than some of the other, more traditional edible CBD fruit options. The Experience CBD company prides itself on making high-quality products that are tested by a third-party company to assure that there are no contaminants and that the product delivered to your door is of the highest possible quality.

  1. Vegan CBD Gummies

In the classic gummy bear shape and flavor, these CBD gummies promise to be 100 percent vegan. They come in packs of 20 and have a range of strengths appropriate for those trying edible CBD for the first time, as well as for more experienced users. Dosage can be important to ensure that your symptoms are treated successfully, so if you’re unsure what to look for, check out our tips for finding the right dose.

  1. CBD Rainbow Belts

Experience CBD also makes these rainbow belts, so you know they’ll be of the highest quality. But what’s even better is they inspire nostalgia for the days when you might buy rainbow belts to share with your friends at the local football game. As an edible CBD product, these have the same fun spirit plus the added benefit of pain and stress relief.

  1. Koi Sour Tropical Fruit Gummies

Koi makes these delicious sour CBD gummies, along with many other CBD products in their line. They come in a convenient resealable bag, so you can keep your gummies fresh for a while. The best part? Koi is so concerned about the quality of edible CBD products on the market, that they publish lab testing results for all of their products, so you can be certain that what you consume is the highest quality.

  1. Gummy Penguins

What’s better than a gummy bear? A gummy penguin, of course. These CBD gummies take a fun spin on the standard bear by making them in penguin form. They have lots of fun colors and flavors and come in a jar with 750 mg of CBD. Sun State CBD products are also organic, non-GMO, and GMP certified, making them a great choice for your edible CBD.

  1. Endoca Chewing Gum

On the move and don’t feel like snacking on CBD gummies? Good news, Endoca has you covered with this CBD infused gum.  The peppermint flavor and lack of added chemicals or sugar are sure to keep you happy, while the edible CBD works on your stress level, anxiety, or aches and pains. Additionally, Endoca products put a little good back into the world through the Endoca Forest School that teaches children about the environment, and through the Endoca Foundation, which donates CBD oil to children who need it for medicinal purposes but whose parents cannot afford to obtain it.

  1. Hemp Bombs

If you’re looking to increase your dosage of edible CBD to pack more of a punch, check out these high-power CBD gummies. They’ve got 25mg of CBD each, so they are only recommended for those who have utilized smaller doses previously. Not only are they delicious, but their powerful effects can help to ease chronic pain, guide you to sleep, or address any other problems that lower doses only put a small dent in.

If you’re looking to go beyond the standard pain treatments, sleep aids, or vitamins offered on the shelves at your local store, one of these ten edible CBD products may be able to help. At Have a Nice Day, we are proud to provide an alternative, high-quality solutions that can improve lives and bring some fun and sweetness to your day. Beyond the options listed here, we have even more edible CBD offerings in our store.

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